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Plants of Forest Floor by Cyril Ritter

Taman Negara Sungai Relau, Merapoh Pahang

The 2nd. Pahang Taman Negara’s entrance. Located on the western side of Taman Negara in Peninsular Malaysia. The park was opened to the public in August 1993. The park office is 7 km from the small town of Merapoh which is about 30 km south of Gua Musang, Kelantan. A 100 km north of Kuala Lipis. Merapoh can be reach by train as well that ply from Kota Bharu to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Taman Negara Sungai Relau is the popular point for mountain climbing to Gunung Tahan. The route to Gunung Tahan is a mere 2 days as compared to the longer trek of 5 days from Kuala Tahan. A 14-km jeep trail links Sungai Relau to Kuala Juram, the foot hill for climbing Gunung Tahan..

There are many forest trails in this part of Taman Negara. Among the popular trails are the Interpretive Trail, Negeram Trail, Palas Trail and Gua Gajah Trail. The 0.5km Interpretive Trail provides introduction to the rainforest and the ecosystem. The Negeram Trail follows the Sg Relau river and end at Pasir Gelanggang passing through lowland and swampy forest. The Palas Trail is about 1.6km long with some hilly terrain, peat swamp and lowland forest. The trail to Gua Gajah is about 5km long. Gua Gajah is a limestone outcrop and provides shelter for elephants during the monsoon. Inside Gua Gajah, there is a bats chamber where guano and bats are found. The low number of visitors has makes Taman Negara Sungai Relau a heaven for wildlife observation.

At Sungai Relau (base camp), there are a Dormitory and Chalet but no Restaurant. At Kuala Juram – a 14KM away, there is a dormitory for the Gunung Tahan climbers

License, Permit & Fee:

Entry Permit - RM 1.00 / person

Camera License - RM 5.00 / unit

Fishing License - RM 10.00 / unit

Camping Fee - RM 1.00 / person / day

Department of Wildlife and National Parks,

Km 10, Jalan Cheras,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-90752872
Fax: 603-90752873